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The Comic Addiction podcast is hosted by Chris Partin. The podcast goes into the mind of a comic addict who is in his mid-40s and my be having a mid-life crisis when it comes to the comic industry and what comics are worth his meager budget and small amount of spare time to even read comics. The show is recorded from a home studio, but also happens while Chris is in traffic during his 90-120 minute commute (twice a day). Who knows what will happen in the traffic, but there will be comics to be talked about! The show can be found at and reached via email at or on Twitter @ComicAddiction.

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Welcome back to the official podcast of!

Comic talk about Secret Wars being delayed, Punisher appearing in the second season of Daredevil on Netflix, Supergirl debuting on Ocotber 26 on CBS, the new Invincible Iron Man series, and Peter being impatient and not waiting a week for the new 1TB Xbox One.

We also talk about the comics we're reading - Life Hacks, Hero Cats of Stellar City, Green Lantern #41, Lantern City #2, Hatter M: Looking Glass Wars, Green Arrow #41, We Can Never Go Home #3, and A Bride's Story. 

Want to contact us? You can email us at or find us on Twitter @ComicAddiction.

Find us on Twitter:

Ed (@TealProductions)
Peter (@TweetGeekSushi)
Chris (@ChrisPartin)

We appreciate you listening to the show.

Intro/Outro Music: "Her Name is Alice" by Shinedown

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