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Talking About Our Issues - Episode 6: John Barker Interview

This week Mark sits down with John Barker, writer of the Dead Cell from Arcana Studio. Mark and John discuss his career in comics as well, as his time as professional wrestler, Brandon Prophet. Follow John on Twitter @johnnyescape. Also, read a preview of the Dead Cell and keep up to date on all of John's projects at

Also, be sure to buy A Cat Named Haiku 2: The Dust Bunny by Mark digitally on Comixology. Follow Mark on Twitter @koniwaves. Check out Mark and Owen Gieni’s Avengelyne webseries at The unpublished issues from their Image run are currently being uploaded every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Song of the Week is Adema – “Los Angeles.” Song of the Week Sponsor is the A Cat Named Haiku App for the iphone/ipad from Arcana Studio. Only 99 cents in the App Store!

Closing Credits Song is 3OH!3 – “Streets of Gold”

Voiceovers by the World Famous F-O-N-Z!

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