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The Comic Addiction podcast is hosted by Chris Partin. The podcast goes into the mind of a comic addict who is in his mid-40s and my be having a mid-life crisis when it comes to the comic industry and what comics are worth his meager budget and small amount of spare time to even read comics. The show is recorded from a home studio, but also happens while Chris is in traffic during his 90-120 minute commute (twice a day). Who knows what will happen in the traffic, but there will be comics to be talked about! The show can be found at and reached via email at or on Twitter @ComicAddiction.
Comic Addiction - Episode 118: Manga! Manga! Manga!

Welcome back to the podcast. This episode there's not a lot of industry news beyond some movie updates, so that means there's PLENTY of comic talk!

Ed fills the show with a lot of Manga he's been reading as of late with Attack on TitanKurosagi's Corpse Delivery Service, Terra Formars, Tokyo Ghoul, and Saturn Apartments. 

Chris talks about the comic no one is suppose to talk about (Fight Club 2 #1) as well as Oh, Killstrike! #1, Sons of the Devil #1, and Insufferable #1.

Interested in getting in contact with the show?

Email us at, and you can follow the podcast on Twitter @comicaddiction, follow Ed (@TealProductions) and Chris (@ChrisPartin).

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Welcome (back) to the podcast! Comic Addiction, The Podcast has been away for 3-4 years, but it is back! You're excited aren't you? We sure are. Who are we? The show is hosted by Chris Partin (@ChrisPartin) who will be joined by a friends, fellow podcasters, comic professionals, and anyone else Chris can convince to spend a couple of hours on a Tuesday evening with him talking comics, television, movies, and everything else.

This episode Chris is joined by long-time friend and podcast co-host, Ed Moore (@TealProductions) talk the DC Television universe, The Flash, iZombie, Gotham, the Supergirl trailer, the cancelled Archie Comics Kickstarter, Convergence, Secret Wars, Lady Mechanika, Scooby Doo, Copperhead, Mystic, and other topics that come up.

Interested in getting in contact with the show? Email us at You can follow the podcast on Twitter @comicaddiction.

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